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The Warrior Goddess Transformation Program

This 12 month program empowers introverted empaths to lose weight after trauma without endless self sacrifice using depth psychology aligned body energetics.

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Time Collapse: The Ritual of Becoming

Learn the secrets to COLLAPSE TIME on your health goals without wasting time reading hundreds of spell books trying to find the thing that will "finally work" using quantum physics based ritual magic.

This two hour workshop will lead you through a live time collapsing ritual. 

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Spirit Guides + Deity Work 101

This 4 week mini course will show you how to communicate with your guides without years of study using simplified journeywork.

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Releasing PTSD with Fitness Witchcraft

In this free mini training you'll get the breakdown on how fitness witchcraft helps my clients graduate from therapy right along with their physical health journeys.

The recording is in the Facebook group Fitness Tips for Witches so you'll need to join first & then >>click here<< to watch the replay

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