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Emily Flood is an intuitive, shamanic witch, founder of fitness witchcraft, and your guide to using magic and rituals for your health to create profound shifts in a practical way.

She has worked with women with cptsd, fellow fitness coaches, entrepreneurs, priestesses, & even therapists looking to create deep, holistic health shifts beyond just quick-fix weight loss, grow from trauma, & release anxiety to become healthy inside & out.

Through depth psychology based rituals & deity work, Emily helps you to access the deep wisdom of your body, get out of self sabotage patterns, & tap into your gifts so that you can lose weight without the endless self sacrifice & create the life of your dreams.

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Fitness Tarot Major Arcana will teach you how to read & interpret the tarot's Major Arcana for your health & fitness journey. This will not give you exercises or a nutrition plan, but instead detailed descriptions for how your body can communicate with you through the cards for your spiritual, mental, & physical health.

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The Warrior Goddess Transformation Program is a one stop shop for sustainable weight loss, releasing binge eating, healing the body after trauma, releasing anxiety, opening up your clairs, learning to find & communicate with your guides. This 12 month mentorship gives you access to coursework, a library of past calls, journeys, & energy healing, weekly coaching calls, & personalized help to empower you to have a complete Warrior Goddess Transformation.

Only join if you're dedicated to going all in on yourself: you, your health, & your magic.

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The Warrior Goddess Transformation Program

My signature fitness witchcraft program for the highest and best results with mental and physical health.

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Create a successful 6 figure spiritual business by applying energetically aligned social selling strategies.

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"My mental health has skyrocketed for the best since being in your programs.  My stomach is flatter and my muscles are visibly growing. My confidence and self love have grown immensely. I have become the person that others come to now when they want a feel of the confidence, be it help with fashion or even witchy stuff! This last Friday I helped a friend pull an outfit together for a New Year’s party and then Saturday I helped a friend make her own cinnamon protection broom.

My growth is now letting me help others grow!!

"Finding my power animal (a spider ) was neat and kind of shocking, but it was when in week 2 I found a new deity who I would have absolutely NEVER have chosen to work with (Aphrodite) that I realized I couldn’t just be making this all up in my head. Emily did an amazing job of being gentle and nonjudgmental about our fears and preexisting beliefs we brought into the course, and I feel like I’ve grown a lot more confident in myself and my witchy abilities. I’m taking better care of my body now and catching myself when I slip into old habits of denying myself food or rest or hygiene to punish myself for perceived failures. It was a life changing experience and I can’t recommend this course enough to anyone even remotely interested in spirit guides or deity work!


"I never thought I’d be able to talk with my guides on my own or even identify them!
If you think you’d like to meet your guides or even just work with Emily, I’d say it’s definitely worth doing. Emily’s guidance was exactly what I needed and have been looking for and I think my guides led me to her so they could finally get in my face and show me that they’re here for me. And now I can continue practicing in my own time and actually work on building relationships with them now that I know it’s not just in my head."


"The Spirit & Diety 101 course came at the most significant time in my life unknowingly, until life shook me up in week 2 and 3 …. Boom another narcissistic relationship revealed itself erupted - disrupting my world around me. If I had not experienced the magic of calling on my power through spiritual meditations with Emily and her beautiful group of witchy women…. I can honestly admit I wouldn’t be writing this testimony to my triumph over.  

I was born and raised a Lutheran Christian before I became more Spiritual based as an Adult. So witches and spiritual guides were always a taboo and scary thing brainwashed into our childhood beliefs. Nonetheless, Emily presented this coursework in ways that it didn’t interfere with any spiritual beliefs or practices I was subconsciously attached to…. And it WAS NOT SCARY but SO MUCH FUN!!!"


"Since working with Emily, my relationship with myself has improved immensely. I’m not focused on weight-loss, but instead I’m focused on getting stronger physically and mentally through the challenges of life. My body image and confidence is through the roof compared to when I first started to work with Emily. Our 1:1 calls are life-altering. We find something each week that is challenging me and work through it through meditation, setting goals, etc. The Coursework that Emily has created is AMAZING. She was so methodical in setting this course up. I have learned so much about myself and my spirituality through the coursework. Overall, this program has been life-changing and worth it!


"To say that Emily's coaching program is life changing is nothing less than absolute truth. I have struggled with yo-yo dieting for years, focusing always on the wrong things, trying to guilt and shame myself into not being more successful. I always thought there was something wrong with me when it seemed like so many other women were able to reach their health and fitness goals without a problem. Working with Emily, I have learned how important our brains are to achieving our goals. The education and activities Emily provides and guides us through have helped me to make connections with the underlying reason why I was binge and emotionally eating. I have learned ways to change that behavior by listening to what my body is trying to tell me and then giving it what it wants in a different way that doesn't involve food. 


Fitness Coach

"I recently had an intuitive tarot reading with Emily and it was so amazing. She definitely deserves the name the Fitness Witch. 

Emily really tuned in to my energy and we had a super divine conversation that felt really tailored to me.

My favorite part was probably the fitness reading that she gave me, which was super unique and it's not something that I've had done before. It wasn't just your typical fitness advice, although Emily is totally a fitness guru. We dove deeper into like emotional and mental hurdles to provide more of like a mind body transformation type reading.



"When Emily was offering her psychic Reiki session I felt this inner knowing & obviously curiosity on how this could help me. I was feeling so foggy & discombobulated about my new business & as we got on the call her connection & guidance was so comforting. I loved the intuitive hits that Emily was bringing up. All of the creative blocks that were unlocked during this session was like a jolt of electricity to get myself up & doing things that I've been wanting to do, but have been holding back on. Emily truly has gifts.


-Jenna Wahl

Relationship Alignment Coach

A Foodie's Guide to Macros is a 63 page cookbook full of breakfast, meal prep, family friendly meals & dessert recipes that will help you to reach your goals while still eating your favorite foods.


"The cake recipes were worth the price of this cookbook alone!" --Jennie

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