About Emily

Intuitive Shamanic Witch, Fitness & Nutrition Coach, & Founder of Fitness Witchcraft

Emily is an intuitive shamanic witch, fitness & nutrition coach, energy healer, author of A Foodie's Guide to Macros and Fitness Tarot: Major Arcana and the founder of Fitness Witchcraft. She is also the host of her own podcast of 3 years, Witchy Wellness with Em

She has worked with women with cptsd, fellow fitness coaches, entrepreneurs, priestesses, & even therapists looking to create deep, holistic health shifts beyond just quick-fix weight loss, grow from trauma, & release anxiety to become healthy inside & out.

After her own weight loss journey battling binge eating, Emily competed in bodybuilding, going all the way to the National bodybuilding stage before getting her nutrition certification and a certification in training physique athletes. She coached "normal" fitness & weight loss coaching for over 2 years before realizing there was still a missing piece to her own  journey: spirituality. 

Letting her inner witch out of the broomstick closet & through working with her guides and deities, Emily was able to leave a narcissistic abusive relationship, heal her chronic low back injury, release anxiety, binge eating, and CPTSD and created fitness witchcraft.

Emily has helped hundreds of women to lose weight, release emotional overeating, build muscle, & reconnect to their body's intuition, their guides, their magic & their gifts.

And psst... she's neurodivergent af & so are all of her clients. 

Hi, I'm Emily & I'm on a mission to help witches & spiritual women to lose weight after trauma. I'm AuDHD, a 4/6 Sacral Generator, & an Aquarius Sun/Cancer Moon/Capricorn Rising. I work with The Morrigan, Aphrodite, Hecate, Aine, Thanatos, The Archangels, my power animals, & various other guides. After spending most of my life trying to fit in, hide my magic, & dim my sparkle... going through a narcissistic abusive relationship was my wakeup call.

No one was going to save me or keep me safe... but me. (Well & my guides sure) But I had a responsibility to my future self to make sure that I became the type of person who no longer attracted narcissists  into her life, to become the type of person who was capable of healthy relationships. 

Not only that, but when I spoke out about the abuse 90% of my fitness clients at the time shared their own stories of narcissistic abuse. I began having visions of my future self... who wasn't just helping women to lose weight, but helping them to grow mentally & physically after abuse & trauma... with fitness witchcraft. 

It was scary as shit.

Felt like Columbus when everyone told him the world was flat. I knew Fitness Witchcraft worked for me, my guides showed me it would work for millions... but everyone else around me at the time thought I was going to fail.  

Trusting my guides has never steered me wrong & sure enough, Fitness Witchcraft is well on it's way to helping millions. The testimonials sometimes feel larger than life to even me, but the proof is there. 


Watching clients lose weight is one thing, but watching clients recover from abuse & trauma, graduate from therapy, heal chronic pain, get promotions & move through trauma triggers with EASE, without falling back on food or dissociation? That is the real impact that has me thanking my past self over & over for trusting  & creating this movement.

My Core Values


Will always be the fullest version of myself. ADHD, nerdy, witchy, pagan, muscle mommy Empress. All of it. Fitness Witchcraft came about from combining my two unique specialties. Science backed fitness + nutrition... with depth psychology & trauma informed witchcraft for rapid change.


Will always coach from a place of vulnerability. Cannot expect my clients to be vulnerable with me when it comes to mental + physical health if I am not open & honest with them.

Self Sovereignty

After narcissistic abuse, have actively worked with mentors to remove all threads of codependency whenever they show up. Including my coaching programs. As a witch, I am a woman in her own power. I am self sovereign. I create my own reality. So are you. 

Some more human things about me...

I have a BA from Rice University with a double major in Political Science & French Studies. Before starting my first fitness coaching business I was a high school French teacher. 

I've lived in France & have travelled all over Europe... including to Dracula's castle, Stonehenge, & where they filmed Game of Thrones in Croatia.

My dog is a lil' 15lb Aussiedoodle named Freya.

I love reading & writing fantasy novels. To date I've written 6 (unpublished) fantasy novels, but my higher self tells me that will have a place in my business within the next few years. Reading wise it's everything from Sarah J Maas to KU fairy books 🤪

I am obsessed with Starbucks Chocolate Cream Cold Brews. Real Sugar. And I love that I no longer have to track every single gram of food to maintain my physique like I used to do in bodybuilding.

My favorite Pokemon are Suicune & Articuno.

And I wore this unicorn PJ outfit to an in person networking event after a client sent me this epic headband.



A few videos that showcase my story + core values