So you want to build & expand your own spiritual business?

Deciding to go "all in" on my business & my dreams changed my life forever.


"You could probably quit your job in a few months," the business coach on the other side of the sales call told me. 




That was so far out of the realm of possibility to my mind it felt like she was offering me a mythical unicorn.

The price tag of this "business coaching program" felt like the cost of a mythical unicorn too.


(Had never even HEARD of business coaches before this chick either, was this coach even real?)


And even though the idea of quitting my job seemed WILDLY out of reach for my current self... after growing up in a family of LIFELONG teachers...


Chose to believe in my own unicorness.


Put that business coaching program on a credit card like a prayer to my future self.


Less than one month later was making enough to match my public school teaching salary. 


Gave my boss notice & quit my job. The impossible became my reality. 


I became my own unicorn.

Making the pivot to add spirituality & witchcraft to my established 6 figure "stable" fitness coaching business...


Had me wanting to throw up over & over & over.


Spent a year barely scraping by as I painstakingly rebuilt my brand, created Fitness Witchcraft, & collected testimonials for my upgraded methods of coaching.


Because sometimes when we sell spiritual modalities people have a belief that it's just snake oil. Because there ARE a LOT of frauds out there.


Which is why integrating spirituality into my business required me to learn HOW to:

➡️Position my offers to monetizeable results (not ethereal bullshit, don't sell me ✨confidence & a dream life✨)

➡️Connect with & cultivate my audience in new ways to build trust

➡️Market & speak to the catalyst to speak to my own unicorn clients who ALREADY believed Fitness Witchcraft would work for them


It required me to elevate ALL of my business strategies, skills, & my mindset around being a thought leader.

This would not have been possible without mentorship.


Have invested well over 100k at this point over the years into my business learning these skill sets, the psychology, creating my own methodologies & deepening my coaching skills.

Which is why I'm so passionate about helping other spiritual entrepreneurs position their offers strategically so you can skip the struggle.


I will position your spiritual business offer with you on a 20 minute call so that it is positioned to sell. 

This will only work if you also have a cultivated audience & a sales funnel that helps you to funnel your audience to your programs.

Once you see the results for yourself on our 20 minute call we can discuss programs & mentorship that will help you to build out those other business strategy pieces. 

You have gifts, you have incredible results in your life from them, & you know you're meant to share them with the world. This isn't a hobby for you, you know that you are meant to impact the world deeply & you are willing to go ALL IN on your mission even if it scares you. 

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