This 4 week mini course will show you how to communicate with your guides without years of study using simplified journeywork.

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Once upon a time there was a witch with pink hair...

Who was dating her Prince Charming.
Had a 6 figure fitness coaching business.
Had the body, the abs, the Instagram.

So why did she feel so depressed?

"What's wrong with me?" She wondered.

"Get back to your magic," her guides whispered to her.
Archangel Raziel... the angel of esoteric knowledge, who to her seemed like a stern college professor.
Hecate, goddess of witches... who'd seemingly led her to The Morrigan... the scariest looking dark goddess the little witch had ever seen!
So back to her magic she went & one day asked her guides:

 "How can I be happy again?"

And The Morrigan whispered... "Get back to writing."


Writing? Writing wasn't logical. She was a fitness coach. 

The Morrigan continued to urge her... so the girl listened.

She looked up writing coaches.

Found one coach who'd promised she could write a book for her business--how logical!
And that coach had JUST published a book--she bought it right away.


It was filled with stories of rags to riches women rising to power despite it all.

"That woman--look her up," her guides told her, after reading a chapter about a unicorn bartender turned millionaire after abusive relationships & trauma.

She followed her guides again.

The unicorn business coach was incredible! The little witch hired her.
And in this new coaches program she learned so MUCH about Narcissistic Abusive Marketing tactics--which the girl did NOT want to use in her social media--she was so excited telling her Prince Charming about it all.

Except... some of the things Prince Charming was doing... suddenly seemed to ring a different bell.

An alarm bell.


The little witch cried & cried & cried... and The Morrigan reminded her that she was just as much of a war goddess too.
That she was neither weak nor broken. And that she did not diminish her voice.
But every time the little witch spoke up things got worse!
The unicorn coach helped her to soothe her emotions... & she spoke up again... halfway getting out!
And then she found out her Prince Charming had Narcissistic Personality Disorder & had been abusing her too.

"Why didn't you tell me earlier??" She demanded of The Morrigan.


"Would you have listened?"

The girl was quiet...
"I led you to the exact person who could help you the most."

And that day the girl swore that she would never hide or dim her magic for anyone ever again. 


And that is why I started coaching women on how to find & communicate with their guides on their own.

In this 4 week Mini Course You Will...

➡️ Be guided through journeys to find your guides or deities

➡️ Learn how to communicate with them

➡️ Learn how to make practical offerings

➡️Release fears & self judgement & thoughts of “what if I’m making it up!
➡️ Strengthen your clairs & psychic senses 
➡️Learn how to ask specific questions to receive guidance when it comes to you reaching your health, career, business, or relationship goals
➡️ Receive community support & guidance throughout the program
LIFETIME access to replays

These strategies will work for you even if...

✨you've never worked with a guide before
✨you've never had ANY psychic or intuitive training
✨you worry you're NOT magical or psychic at all
✨you feel like its not possible for you
✨you have fears around guides
Okay I'm in!

This mini course includes everything you need to know about how to start working with guides in a practical way...

To help you reach your fitness & life goals
Which isn't something that's taught... anywhere else.

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What's all included?

➡️ 4, 90 minute Group Calls ($1200 value)

➡️ 4 different guided journeys & practices to help you meet & communicate with guides ($100 value)
➡️ Tools to help you grow your clairs & psychic abilities ($100 value)
➡️ 4 weeks of group text support for questions + community ($200 value)
➡️ Actionable steps & homework between calls to help you grow your gifts & your connections with your guides ($200 value)
➡️ Weekly modules dropped that you get to keep FOREVER ($400 value)

Total value: $2200

Your investment: $497


 The next live round will start Fall 2024

But by purchasing now you get access to ALL past modules & videos... in addition to access to the next live round. You can find & communicate with your guides today + get live coaching later this year.