Learn the secrets to COLLAPSE TIME on your health goals using quantum physics based ritual magic 

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Collapsing time, making quantum leaps... it all seems like some ethereal bullshit.

Except... I've done it, multiple times.

At it's core collapsing time means being able to reach a goal faster than you ever thought possible.

Instead of going from A to B to C... all the way to Z in order...

You jump.

Learning how to collapse the timelines let's you skip all the messy middle bits of: 

➡️Sliding back into self sabotage patterns

➡️Feeling like you take two steps back every time you make a bit of progress

➡️And generally taking a normal "human" amount of time to reach your goals & sustain them

You get to jump from A to Z.

In TIME COLLAPSE: THE RITUAL OF BECOMING you will be guided through a powerful ritual rooted in Quantum Physics... 

By the end of this ritual:

➡️You'll be able to shift your personality at the core subconscious level so you find it EASY to take action on your health goals

➡️You'll understand why most magic doesn't end up working & why most witches live out groundhogs day with their goals

➡️You'll walk away with a proven & foundational understanding of magic from the Quantum Physics perspective

➡️You'll have a POWERFUL ritual to return to & repeat the recording anytime you desire to collapse time

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➡️Stepping into your goddess identity NOW: instantly releasing all false identities & beliefs

➡️Immediately becoming the type of person who actually enjoys cooking, eating healthy, exercising, & taking action on your goals

➡️Becoming the type of person who takes up space & is energetically powerful... NOW

➡️BEING SOLID AF in your progress: never again worrying if you're going to rebound or backslide

➡️TRUSTING that your magic will actually work because you've satisfied your logical brain's questioning nature

I'm not gonna lie... knowing how to collapse time feels like an absolute CHEAT CODE... 

Reaching your mental & physical health goals will be a breeze when you know how to apply principles of quantum physics & the laws of the universe to your goals.

You're not interested in what's "normal" for people to achieve.

➡️MOST people gain the weight back after they lose it

➡️MOST people struggle with trauma, chronic pain & anxiety their whole lives.

Fuck normal... you're a goddamn witch.

You want... "oh holy fuck how did she change that quickly" results?

Illogical results require illogical action

➡️Used these time collapsing tools to release my identity of being "broken" after narcissistic abuse... to recover within a single year

➡️Used these time collapsing tools to bring DOUBLE the women into my signature Warrior Goddess Program who joined last year... in just 4 months 

➡️Used these time collapsing tools to go from thinking "hmm it'd be cool if articles were published about Fitness Witchcraft" to boom 2 months later 2 articles are already out 😳

And for the first time ever... finally have the language & the process down to share it with others. 

When you know how to collapse time:

➡️You don't need to take time away to heal or process trauma, inner child healing... those things are wonderful yes, but you'll be growing so fast what used to day you weeks/months/years to process will barely be a blip

➡️You'll transcend fitness self sabotage: emotional eating, low motivation periods, freeze responses etc faster than ever before.

➡️You'll know exactly how to build yourself into the kind of person who has every result you desire... because you have the road map from your higher self & your guides.


The best part is...


You'll be able to come back & repeat this ritual over & over & over whenever you have a new goal. Weight loss goal? Collapse time. Calling in a healthy relationship? Collapse time. Want a new job? Collapse time.

When you understand the basic principles of magic, energetics, & quantum physics... you will ALWAYS be able to leverage it in your favor no matter the goal.

The Details:

  •  Time Collapse: The Ritual of Becoming is a virtual live event on May 22nd from 5-7pm CST
  • Workshop portion will include potent training on real life application of magic & energetics for tangible results
  • You'll be led step by step through a time collapsing ritual rooted in quantum physics from a Druidic High Priestess (that's me!)
  • You will have LIFETIME ACCESS to the recording
  • BONUS: 20 minute 1:1 coaching integration session to seal in the effectiveness of the ritual
  • Currently $55 but will be increasing to $111+ SOON


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